7 hrs, 5 lists, 124 pjs and 364 books later…


I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving weekend! I know I did, and I still am! I want to thank 4 very special girls for helping me for a total of 7 hrs! Torie, Megan,Paige and Marissa! Woo! We worked so hard! I cant wait to see how happy the kids will be when they see their gifts. Last year when I saw them I couldn’t help but smile with pride knowing that I gave them something that they can “escape” to, a magical world that revolves around reading!

Today we worked for a total of 3 hrs. BUT WE STILL HAVE 100 MORE GIFTS TO WRAP! :O! We have a total of 10 houses we are donating to. We all sign cards, ribbon pjs and books, pick books for each specific age, personally make out each card to every individual kid, BY HAND! Its hard but we don’t mind because its for the kids! I have a secret though,we DO get something back, its better then money and presents and jewels combined… We get the pride of knowing that we helped someone, made someones day, made someone smile. The feelings is warm and full and it can make the coldest days of winter seem warm and bright.

Well thanks for reading! Again i would like to thank Torie, Megan,Paige,And Marissa for all their help. The one person i would like to thank the most is my mom, without her this wouldn’t be possible! Thanks Mom!

Alyssa Deraco

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One Response to 7 hrs, 5 lists, 124 pjs and 364 books later…

  1. alyssa says:

    Great Blog.. Alyssa, and thank you Honey! I’m super proud!! Yes!! thank you girls, great job!
    I Love you always!!